Magazine Longitude 55 N°3

In this third issue, meet a prestigious poet photographer, Julie de Waroquier.

Dance with the artistic nudes of Ludovic Florent, and the Creole women highlighted by the palette of Madame Artcore.

A nod to a rising star of modeling, young Victoria Asli Core.

The sculptures of the young couple MANGEBOIS will illuminate your living place with the richness of their creativity, combining wood and metal.

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Magazine Longitude 55 N°2

In this second issue, you will meet one of the world's foremost photographers, Manny Librodo. Its color palette will enchant your eyes.

You will dive into the Indian Ocean with Charlotte Boiron.

You will be able to also admire walls decorated by the talented graffiti artist Yren and the entire Réunion Graffiti team.

Meet Dan and his tiny models highlighting the architectural heritage of Reunion Island. Ending with Raïssa, a young painter whose inspiration was born from his admiration for the graffiti artists of our island.

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Magazine Longitude 55 N°1

Magazine Longitude 55 N°1

In this first issue you will be able to discover Jean Noir, “Picasso of light” who in January 2020, at our request, on his way to South Africa, stops for a week on Reunion Island to animate a very high level course with a group of photographers from Reunion island.

Also featured in this issue, the amazing Morgane Lebon - Miss Reunion 2019.
Discover Mira Maisonnier, an unusual wood carver, and travel through Japanese cuisine flavors with master Sushis, Taiki San.

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